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We are Lifetime learners & Spend almost 2 hrs a day, learning from various media from Videos to web articles to books, which accumulates to 30 days per year.

But if we don't document it right, we can tend to lose that learning within 2 weeks, which results in wasting 14-28 hours & many more valuable hours.

This, Knowledge Retaining OS comes into existence, to help learners or everyone, who likes to feed their minds with lots of Learning content, but only learning ( by Reading / Watching / Hearing / Seeing ) for sake of Learning will always result In burdening of the head with a lot of information.

With Knowledge Retaining OS, you can able to Save, Read, Write, Analyse & Implement the Learnings in Real life, even you can able to share those learnings with other people & you can store the information or any learning Content on this OS for Future reference.

How you can achieve this?

Supposing you are an avid learner, you like to learn a particular topic from Youtube videos, Web articles, Audiobooks, or any media that you are comfortable with.

With this "Knowledge Retaining OS", you can able to Save the Link for any content you like to learn & while you Read/Watch/Hear or See you can able to Write the Steps/Systems/Methods/Key points side by from the content you learned from & as you complete the learnings you can able to Analyze your learning with that of your present situation or condition & once you analyze it you can able to Implement that learning in your present or future situation.

See, the only Agenda here is, to save your Time, Money & Frustration... How?

By giving a one-stop solution to you, again How?

by Providing one platform, where you can "Save your content to learn from, Write your key points learned from the same content, Analyze the learnings with that of the present situation & Implement the Learning in real life future or present situation"

So, Not to burden your Head again, with this "$0 Version" of "Knowledge Retaining OS"

Still, if you have any doubt, don't hesitate to write an Email to me at or DM me on Twitter at

Happy Learning

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  • Learn Right, Retain Right, Document it Right

  • Learn Right, Retain Right, Document it Right
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Knowledge Retaining OS - Free Version

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